Nuun Highlands

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Nuun Highlands
Nuun Highlands as they appear with Ricky




Points of



The Nuun Highlands is a location found within the Present of Oracle of Ages. The Highlands are located north of Lynna City and are only accessible after Link has acquired the Seed Shooter. The Nuun Highlands share a similar feature as the Natzu region from Oracle of Seasons in that the landscape will differ depending on which companion Link has with him.


Mutoh and the Carpenters

The south end of Nuun Highlands can be accessed after Link has acquired the Power Bracelet from Spirit's Grave. A rock at the west end of Lynna City can be lifted to reach the southern tip of the Highlands. At this point, Link can just pass right through and continue onward to the Fairies' Woods. The only area accessible in the southern portion of the Highlands is the Mask Shop.

After Link has acquired the Seed Shooter, he is able to extend the bridge in the Highland to reach the northern portion of the Highlands. However, once Link extends the bridge, this will be the trigger point as to what animal companion you will have for the remainder of the game, as well as determining the landscape of the northern portion of the Highlands.

The natural course of the game will cause Link to acquire Moosh's Flute and Moosh will be his companion. However, if Link purchase the Strange Flute from the Lynna City Shop, he will acquire Dimitri's Flute and Dimitri will be his companion. Alternatively, Link can acquire the other Strange Flute from the Shooting Gallery in Lynna City which will turn into Ricky's Flute and Ricky will be Link's companion.

Regardless of which companion Link chooses his mission is still the same. He will encounter Mutoh, the leader of the lazy Carpenters. The bridge that connects the Highlands to Symmetry Village is unfinished and the only way to fix it is to first find all three of the missing Carpenters that have gone on break. Link will then travel through the Highlands using his animal companion to find the three Carpenters.

Mask Shop

Main article: Mask Shop

Owned and operated by the Happy Mask Salesman, the Mask Shop plays a role in the Trading Sequence to acquire the Noble Sword. Link will trade the Happy Mask Salesman the Tasty Meat in exchange for the Doggie Mask.


The various landscapes are designed so that the make the best use of Link's particular character.

  • If Link has Dimitri as his companion, the area will be flooded with rivers and waterways. This includes waterfalls and strong currents that only Dimitri can traverse. Link will need to use Dimitri's unique swimming abilities to find the three Carpenters that have gone on break.
  • If Link has Moosh as his companion, he will encounter large pitfalls that are too large to jump over, even with Roc's Feather. Link will need to use Moosh's flying ability abilities to navigate past these pitfalls and find the three Carpenters.
  • If Link has Ricky as his companion, the landscape will consist of high ledges and cliffs that Link could otherwise not jump up to. However, using Ricky's unique jumping ability, he'll be able to navigate the area and find the three Carpenters.


The Nuun Highlands are only found in the Present. If Link journeys to the Past, Ambi's Palace takes place of the Nuun Highlands. It is unclear what has caused the fall of the Royalty in Labrynna, allowing Queen Ambi's Palace to be replaced by the Highlands.


The area is filled with Buzz Blobs, regardless as to which companion Link has with him. There are also some River Zoras located near the water at the south portion of the Highlands. The area furthest to the south, just west of Lynna City does have a pair of Octoroks.