Ambi's Palace

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Ambi's Palace
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Queen Ambi
Ambi's Guards



Completion of Mermaid's Cave


Ambi's Palace is a location in Oracle of Ages. It is where Queen Ambi resides for the duration of the game. This palace also serves as a dungeon Link must go through to fight Veran who is possessing Nayru. When Link enters the palace through a secret entrance, he must avoid being caught by guards to enter the second floor, in which the battle takes place.

Southern Exit - Lynna Village

To find the secret tunnel, Link must find and press the 4 switches in each corner of the garden without being caught by the guards patrolling the garden. After Link presses all 4 buttons, he can find the tunnel entrance to the right of the garden entrance.

After entering the palace, Link will find the stairs to the 2nd floor by going left 1 screen. On the second floor, Link must go right 2 screens and up 1 to get to the battle.