Tune of Ages

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Tune of Ages




Warps Link freely from the Past to the Present and vice versa.


The Tune of Ages, also known as the Tune of Time, is the third and final song that Link can play on the Harp of Ages in Oracle of Ages. It gives Link the ability to freely travel from the Past to the Present and vice versa.

How to Acquire


After Link has completed the sixth dungeon, the Mermaid's Cave, his next destination is back at Lynna Village where he will enter Ambi's Palace. After navigating through the Palace, Link will encounter the boss in the form of Possessed Nayru.

After defeating Possessed Nayru, Veran will leave the body of Nayru and in turn enter the body of Queen Ambi. The possessed Queen Ambi will order the guards to attack Link, but Nayru will use her power to quickly warp them to the Present. After speaking with the Maku Tree, Nayru will teach Link the final song on the Harp of Ages, the Tune of Ages.


The Tune of Ages makes both the Tune of Echoes and the Tune of Currents completely obsolete. Link will no longer need to use Time Portals to get from the Present to the Past. Link is also no longer limited by the Tune of Currents, that only allowed Link to travel from the Past to the Present.

The Tune of Ages can be used in either the Past or the Present, and it will warp Link to the other time period, as long as there is no obstacle in the way. If Link attempts to travel between time and ends up landing on a Tree or an area of landscape where he cannot walk, he will immediately revert to his original location.

Using the Tune of Ages, Link can now access brand new areas of the Past by warping there from the Present.

The only location where the Tune of Ages cannot be used is within the Yoll Graveyard. If Link tries to travel to the Sea of No Return by using the Tune of Ages, the screen will blur and it will send Link back to the Present. Link can only enter the Sea of No Return through the underground tunnel found at Crescent Island in the Past.