Tune of Currents

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Tune of Currents


Learned from

Tokkey's House



Warps Link from the Past to the Present


The Tune of Currents is the second of three songs that Link can play on the Harp of Ages in Oracle of Ages. It gives Link the ability to freely travel from the Past to the Present, but not vice versa.

How to Acquire


Link will learn the Tune of Currents from Tokkey who resides in a hidden cave found at Talus Peaks in the Past. To reach the hut, exit Symmetry Village using the staircase at the southwest part of town. From there head left a screen and up two screens. At the northeast corner of the water there is a deeper area where Link can dive underwater. Do so and after swimming through the side scrolling sequence, Link will meet up with Tokkey.

Speak to Tokkey and you'll find that he is trying to craft a new tune, but cannot quite find that last tune to finalize his new song. Pull out the Harp of Ages and play the Tune of Echoes on the Harp and this will trigger Tokkey to finalize the last piece of his song. Tokkey will then teach Link the Tune of Currents.


Previously, when Link traveled between time periods, he would play the Tune of Echoes and this would cause a Time Portal to appear. However, with the Tune of Currents, this is no longer the case. Link can play the Tune and freely travel from the Past to the Present at any location. However, this particular tune does not allow Link to travel back to the Past from the Present. For that, Link will still need to use the Tune of Echoes and Time Portals.

In some cases, Link is unable to successfully use the Tune of Currents in the Past. When traveling to the Present, if Link finds himself landing on a piece of landscape, such as a tree, he will automatically be taken back to the Past. This is identical to how the Magic Mirror worked in A Link to the Past when traveling from the Dark World to the Light World.

When Link does travel from the Past to the Present, a temporary warp will appear in the exact location where Link arrives in the Present. Link can use this time portal to return to the Past.

The tune is essential to the quest as Link navigates through the Talus Peaks. He will need to move back and forth through time and will need to use this tune, along with the Tune of Echoes to navigate the landscape.

Later in the quest after Link has learned the Tune of Ages, the Tune of Currents becomes obsolete as the Tune of Ages allows Link to travel through time freely, regardless of where he originated.