Tune of Echoes

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Tune of Echoes




Creates Time Portals


The Tune of Echoes is the first of three songs that Link can play on the Harp of Ages in Oracle of Ages. It gives Link the ability to create Time Portals and travel between the Past and Present.

How to Acquire


After journeying through the Fairies' Woods, Link will reach the Wing Dungeon. However, the building will collapse as soon as he gets close. Link will then hear from the Maku Tree that he must go to Nayru's House. When he arrives there, he can move the statues that near Impa to find a secret staircase. In the basement of Nayru's House, Link will find the Harp of Ages. Link will immediately hear from Nayru and learn the Tune of Echoes.


The Tune of Echoes has the ability to create Time Portals, warp points between past and present. However, unlike the Tune of Currents and the Tune of Ages, Link cannot just use this Tune at any location in the game. There are specific Time Portals scattered throughout the land of Labrynna and his Tune will only be useful when used around these specific locations.