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Golden Goddesses

The pattern on the Gate of Time features two different symbols associated with the Golden Goddesses.

Gate of Time Pattern.png


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The Triforce is remnants of the Golden Goddesses' power after departing from the newly created Hyrule. It is a physical object made up of three golden triangles. These triangles can be split apart, but when properly arranged the Triforce of Power representing Din appears on top, with the Triforce of Wisdom representing Nayru on the lower-left and the Triforce of Courage representing Farore on the lower-right. The Triforce itself is usually hidden away, but depictions of it can be found scattered across Hyrule. On their hands, Link has the Triforce of Courage, Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom, and Ganon has the Triforce of Power.

As the iconic symbol of the series, the Triforce appears prominently throughout most of the games. As the object it represents lies in the Sacred Realm which is accessed through Hyrule, and it is usually held or protected by the Hyruleans, it is generally associated with and seen in Hyrule. It is viewed by Hylians as a symbol of power and stability. During the Golden Era, it gained exceptional reverence as it was used responsibly by Hylian monarchs to create a prosperous age.

Crests of the Goddesses

Crest of Din.pngCrest of Nayru.pngCrest of Farore.png

While the three pieces of the Triforce look identical, there are also three distinct symbols representing each of the goddesses. These symbols appear only on sacred objects or in sacred places which are heavily associated with a specific goddess. For example, the Crest of Din appears on the door guarding Din's Flame and on Din's Pearl; the Crest of Nayru appears on the deck of the Sandship by Nayru's Flame and on Nayru's Pearl; and the Crest of Farore appears on the door to Farore's Flame and on Farore's Pearl.

Spirits of Good

Hylia (Goddess Crest)



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Ancient Robot

Writing Systems


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Sky Characters

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Magic Medallions

Sage Emblems

Seasons & Ages

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