Maku Tree (Oracle of Ages)

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Maku Tree
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Guardian of Labrynna[1]








The Maku Tree is a character from Oracle of Ages. The Maku Tree can be found in Lynna City and Lynna Village at the northeast part of town. The Maku Tree in Oracle of Ages is female. A male Maku Tree can be found in Holodrum within Oracle of Seasons.

The Maku Tree is the guardian of Labrynna who Link first encounters shortly after Veran possesses Nayru's body and travels back in time. During their conversation, the Maku Tree suddenly disappears. Upon traveling to the Past to investigate, Link finds the young Maku Tree Sprout being attacked by a group of Moblins. Link saves the Maku Tree, which negates her disappearance in the Present. As a result of saving her life, the Maku Tree then falls in love with Link. Upon returning to the Present, the Maku Tree instructs Link to gather the eight Essences of Time so that she may regain her memory.

Along his adventure, Link is guided by the Maku Tree to each dungeon where he finds the Essences. With them, Link helps the Maku Tree to regain her memory so that she can aid Link putting a stop to Veran. Notably, her hints about where Essences do not travel through time during progression; if you want an accurate hint, it will have to be from the era you were in when you beat the most recent dungeon. Otherwise, you will receive an outdated hint, generally about the dungeon you just beat.

Much like the Holodrum Maku Tree, as Link gathers Essences, the Maku Tree of Labrynna will grow; also like the Holodrum Maku Tree, she will provide healing and seeds, albeit in a different fashion and amount. The Maku Tree will first have a cave containing 4 respawning bushes, each containing Ember Seeds. She will then grow a small cave containing a Great Fairy, rather than each cave containing two normal fairies. Her third cave will resemble the first, but contain two bushes each of Mystery Seeds, and Scent Seeds, with her final containing the remaining Gale Seeds and Pegasus Seeds. Given her proximity to the Ember Tree of the present, she can be used as a convenient way to heal and restore your seed stocks in emergencies.



  1. "Pleased to meet you, young hero. I am the Maku Tree, guardian of Labrynna. Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, has taken Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. She's disrupting the flow of time from the past. She's trying to flood this world with the power of sorrow. We cannot give in to one of impure heart. You must stop Veran--and soon--but to stop her, you'll need some- thing..." — Maku Tree, Oracle of Ages.