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This name is conjectural, decided by fans in lieu of an official source.
Clock Poe





The Clock Poe is a character that appears in Oracle of Ages.


Near the Spirit's Grave within the Yoll Graveyard, there is a lone grave with a Poe floating beside it. This Poe appears before Link outside its tombstone, but it is actually trapped beneath the grave.

Because of the boulder just outside its tombstone, the Clock Poe cannot move on to the afterlife and requests Link's help once he has obtained the Power Bracelet from the Spirit's Grave.[1] If Link moves the boulder, the Poe rewards him with the Poe Clock.[2] This is the first item in the Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence, which eventually leads to Link acquiring the Noble Sword.



  1. "Someone finally came! This head- stone blocks my path to the afterlife. I'm actually below here, right? I'd appreciate it if you could help me out." — Clock Poe, Oracle of Ages.
  2. "You came out! Since I'm moving on, I don't need this anymore. Take it! I hope you can reach the afterworld soon, too!" — Clock Poe, Oracle of Ages.