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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Dekadin
Spain Español Dekadin
Germany Deutsch Dekadin
Italy Italiana Dekadin
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Dekadin is a depressed kid who apparently lives alone in Oracle of Ages. His home, located just right of the river running through Lynna Village, is very dark inside, further representing his personality.

When Link meets him, Dekadin says that he wishes he could laugh away his troubles. To try and help Dekadin out, Link can tell him the Funny Joke that he learns from the Comedian, who is actually standing just outside of this same house in the Present. Telling the Funny Joke to Dekadin will not make him laugh, but it will cause him to give Link the Touching Book as appreciation for his efforts. Afterwards, Dekadin reveals that only darkness can ease his heart.

Acquiring the Touching Book from Dekadin is part of the Trading Sequence, which eventually leads Link to acquiring the Noble Sword.