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Adlar, or Adler[1], is an elderly character featured in Oracle of Ages. He lives in his Home near the southwest portion of Lynna Village.

Adlar served as an adviser at the palace in Lynna Village for fifty years and has known Queen Ambi since she was young.[2] However, upon Veran taking control of Nayru's body, she convinced Queen Ambi to banish Adlar from the palace. Though Queen Ambi made this decision, Adlar does not blame her, understanding that Nayru has swayed her actions as of late.

Throughout Link's journey, Adlar exhibits his wisdom by correctly assuming that Nayru is a "monster in human guise". He also states that Ambi herself seems to be the "beast in human guise" after Veran takes control of her. Once Link defeats Veran and saves Labrynna, Adlar informs him that Queen Ambi has ventured to other lands for an "eye-opening journey" and wishes that she be safe on her trip.


  • Despite referring to himself as Adlar, the building where he lives is referred to as Ancient Adler's House, with an E, instead of an A.



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