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Restoration Guru[1]






Patch is a character from Oracle of Ages. He lives atop Restoration Wall in the Past, which is located at the north-western section of Talus Peaks and is directly south of Symmetry Village. He is known for being able to restore broken items back to their original design, as long as the one requesting the fix can complete the Mini-Game he has designed in the basement of his house, which he calls Patch's Crazy Cart.[2]


In Symmetry Village, Link obtains the Tuni Nut, which he is asked to get repaired, as it is broken.[3] He must take this to Patch, who asks Link to participate in his Crazy Cart Mini-Game that he mistakenly refers to as a trap, but covers it up by calling it a ceremony.[4] Once Link completes the mini-game, Patch restores the Tuni Nut.[4] Link must then take the Tuni Nut back to Symmetry Village, which, when placed back in its pedestal, stops the erupting volcano and thus restores the present-day Symmetry City to an undestroyed, balanced city. In the Present, the volcano becomes a waterfall, which is actually revealed to be the location of the fourth dungeon of the game, the Skull Dungeon.

As part of the Trading Sequence, Link can bring the Broken Sword to Patch in order to get it repaired. The process is identical to the Tuni Nut. Once repaired, this completes the Trading Sequence, as Link is given the fixed Broken Sword, which is actually the Noble Sword. Additionally, in a Linked Game, if Link has already collected the Noble Sword, this process creates the Master Sword.

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Patch
Spain Español Patch
Germany Deutsch Otto
Italy Italiana Patch




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