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Oracle of Seasons
Horon Village
Oracle of Ages
Lynna City
The Minish Cap
Hyrule Town

Stockwell is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.

Oracle of Seasons

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Oracle of Ages


Stockwell owns and runs the shop located in Lynna City. Within his shop, Stockwell sells normal items, such as Bombs, Recovery Hearts, and Shields. Stockwell also has a Secret Shop that can be accessed if Link plays either the Tune of Currents or the Tune of Ages in the Past, standing directly on the top-left portion of the withered tree just south of the Advance Shop. Link will be teleported to the Present in the area which is fenced off from access by any other means. In this secret shop, Link can purchase rare, yet expensive, items, such as the Ring Box, which can hold up to three rings at a time, Gasha Seeds, and a Piece of Heart.

Strangely, Stockwell also runs the Advance Shop located in Lynna Village in the Past. He also manages to run a regular and Advance Shop in Holodrum's Horon Village as well.

The Minish Cap


Stockwell owns and runs a shop located in Hyrule Town, the Stockwell's Shop. His shop is the only one in the game. Within his shop, Stockwell sells common items, like Bombs, Arrows, Shields, and Mysterious Shells. He also sells other things like Bomb Bag and Quiver Upgrades, and a Boomerang.

Stockwell says that he is too busy running his shop to feed his dog, Fifi. She lives in his vacation home near Lake Hylia. Because he cannot feed her himself, he asks Link to feed her instead. Stockwell will give Link some Dog Food in a Bottle to feed his dog. After the dog is fed, the Bottle is kept as a reward.