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The Advance Shop, also referred to as the 100 Rupee Advance Shop, is a shop in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. As its name suggests, the Advance Shop is only accessible if the game is being played on a Game Boy Advance console.[1]

In Oracle of Seasons, the Advance Shop is found at the northwest corner of Horon Village, right next to the Know-It-All Birds' House.[2] In Oracle of Ages, the shop can be found right next to the Lynna Village Shooting Gallery.[3]

Though the shop can be entered from the start, it will only become stocked with items once Link obtains the Wooden Sword. The shop owner, Stockwell, will be surprised that Link was able to find the shop and tells him that everything costs 100 Rupees. There are three items for sale: A Gasha Seed and two Magical Rings. The ring on the right is a standard Seed Ring, while the one in the middle is referred to as an Advance Ring and appraises as the GBA Time Ring if purchased in Oracle of Ages and the GBA Nature Ring if purchased in Oracle of Seasons.

These are the only three items available for sale. Once all the items have been purchased, the shop will close.[4]



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