GBA Nature Ring

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GBA Nature Ring






Playing on a Game Boy Advance console.


No Effect.

"Life Advanced!"

— In-Game Description.[1]

The GBA Nature Ring is a Magical Ring that Link can obtain in Oracle of Seasons. There is no possible way to obtain the ring in Oracle of Ages directly, but it can be obtained through a Linked Game by using the Ring Secret.

When playing Oracle of Seasons on a Game Boy Advance console, Link will have access to the Advance Shop in Horon Village. There are three items available for sale in the Lynna Village Advance Shop. There is a Gasha Seed, the GBA Nature Ring, and another Seed Ring.

When worn the GBA Nature Ring has no effect at all. This is simply just a symbolic ring given to those who play the game on a Game Boy Advance console. A similar ring can be found in Oracle of Ages in the form of the GBA Time Ring. That ring, similarly, has no effect when worn.