Armor Ring L-1

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Armor Ring L-1






Make the sword and enemies less powerful.

"Sword damage -1, Damage taken -1"

— In-Game Description[1]

The Armor Ring L-1 is a Magical Ring that Link acquires in Oracle of Ages. It can be found inside Great Moblin's Keep in the Present. When Link first enters the Great Moblin's Keep, the ground crumbles below him. Fall down to the floor below. Swim through the side-scrolling area and climb up the ladder above the water. This leads to a room that contains a Treasure Chest containing the Seed Ring.

If Link has already defeated the Great Moblin, he can simply head down the staircase to the left where the tower once stood to reach the same side-scrolling area.

In Oracle of Seasons, it is only acquirable through a Linked Game and the Ring Secret; otherwise, it is impossible to acquire this ring.

The Armor Ring L-1 is the opposite of the Power Ring L-1 and it is another trade-off ring. When equipped, it lowers Link's Sword damage by one unit and also lowers the damage he takes by one unit. It is useful if Link isn't too concerned with battling enemies and are quickly running past them.

More powerful forms of the Armor Ring can be found in the form of Armor Ring L-2 and Armor Ring L-3.