Rang Ring L-1

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Rang Ring L-1







Increase the strength of Link's Boomerang.

"Boomerang damage +1"

— In-Game Description[1]

The Rang Ring L-1 is a Magical Ring that Link acquires in Oracle of Seasons. There is no possible way to acquire the ring in Oracle of Ages directly, but it can be acquired through a Linked Game by using the Ring Secret.

The ring can be found within a Treasure Chest at the southeastern most screen of the Overworld, located in Samasa Desert. The Treasure Chest is found on a higher ledge that cannot be reached from the particular. Instead, walk two screens to the left and fall down into the Quicksand. Dive down into the water and swim through the side-scrolling sequence. Resurface and climb up the stairs to get back outside. Open up the Treasure Chest to get the Seed Ring, which ends up becoming the L-1 Rang Ring when appraised.

When equipped, the Rang Ring L-1 increases the amount of damage done by Link's Boomerang. While the Boomerang is not a weapon used frequently in Oracle of Seasons or Oracle of Ages, it can be quite useful against enemies that are harmed by the Boomerang, including Armos.

An upgrade to this ring can be found in the form of the Rang Ring L-2. This ring can be acquired in both Oracle Games and has a stronger effect on Link's Boomerang than the L-1 variation.