Slayer's Ring

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Slayer's Ring





Given to Link by Vasu.


Defeat 1000 enemies.



"1000 beasts slain"

— In-Game Description.[1]

The Slayer's Ring is a Magical Ring that Link acquires in either Oracle of Seasons or Oracle of Ages.

In order to acquire this magic ring, Link will need to defeat 1,000 enemies. Naturally, this ring is best acquired late in Link's journey as it takes quite some time to defeat this number of enemies. While playing through the main quest, if you want to acquire Slayer's Ring, you should defeat most, if not all the enemies that you encounter. If after the completion of the game, you still haven't defeated 1,000 enemies, you should head to areas where enemies frequent. In Oracle of Seasons, Link can head to the screen within the Lost Woods, where Like Likes fall from the sky.

After defeating 1,000 enemies, return to Vasu and he will award you this ring.

When worn, the Slayer's Ring has no effect at all. The purpose of this ring is simply to recognize that Link has defeated at least 1,000 enemies.