Armor Ring L-2

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Armor Ring L-2





Found within a cave on Goron Mountain.



Make the sword and enemies less powerful.

"Sword damage -2, Damage taken -2"

— In-Game Description[1]

The Armor Ring L-2 is a Magical Ring that Link acquires in Oracle of Seasons.

The Ring is located within a cave on Goron Mountain, just west of Mt. Cucco. Link can enter a cave one screen south of Biggoron. Do so and then climb the staircase to get to the second floor. At the top-right portion of this screen, there is a Treasure Chest with two cracked blocks. Use Roc's Cape to fly on over to this platform. Place a Bomb to blow up the crack blocks and then open the Treasure Chest to get the Seed Ring that becomes Armor Ring L-2 when appraised.

In Oracle of Ages, it is only acquirable through a Linked Game and the Ring Secret; otherwise, it is impossible to acquire this ring.

The Armor Ring L-2 is the opposite of the Power Ring L-2. When equipped, it lowers Link's Sword damage by two units and also lowers the damage he takes by two units. It is useful if Link isn't too concerned with battling enemies and are quickly running past them.

This is an upgrade to the less powerful Armor Ring L-1. However, a more powerful version exists in the form of Armor Ring L-3.