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Ocarina of Time
Oracle of Seasons




Employee at Lon Lon Ranch[1]
Vase Collector[2]



Ocarina of Time
Lon Lon Ranch
Oracle of Seasons
House in Sunken City


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Ingo
Spain Español Ingo
Germany Deutsch Basil
Italy Italiana Ingo

Ingo is a character from Ocarina of Time and Oracle of Seasons. He has different occupations in the two games he is in, but his appearance stays the same. He wears green under his white overalls, and has very bushy eyebrows and an equally bushy mustache. It is thought that he is based on Luigi, a character from the Mario series, because of his appearance and the fact that he basically lives in the shadow of Talon, who seems to be based on Mario.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Ingo starts off as a worker at Lon Lon Ranch, under the employment of Talon.[1] If Link talks to him in the past, he will tell Link about how he shouldn't be working there, and how he does all the work while Talon sits around and does nothing.[3]

When Link returns in the future, he finds that Lon Lon Ranch (now named Ingo Ranch) has been taken over by Ingo. Apparently, Ganondorf gave Ingo the ranch, although the reason why is unknown. The most logical reason could be that Ingo was overcome with greed and ambition. When Ingo gained power, he immediately kicked Talon out, but let Malon, his daughter, stay to help with the animals. When Link talks to Ingo, he will ask if Link wants to ride a horse for 10 Rupees. He will explain how to do it, and then will let Link ride for a minute and a half. If Link does this twice, then talks to Ingo again while on the horse, Ingo will comment on how Link is getting better, and will challenge him to a Horse Race. He will charge Link 50 Rupees to race, and if Link wins, he will challenge him to a free rematch. If Link wins again, he will be given Epona. Ingo gets so mad that he locks Link in the ranch with Epona. All Link has to do to get out is have Epona jump over one of the fences around the ranch.

An easy way to make sure Link wins is to start the race, but stop Epona at the feeding corral and wait. Start running again at about second 25, and when Link crosses the finish line, he will have won. Do this for both races and it is impossible to lose.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Ingo is a vase collector[2] who lives in the northwestern corner of Sunken City, which is on the far east of Holodrum. He lives in a small home that has shelves of vases inside. Ingo is a part of the trading sequence. He really wants Biggoron's Goron Vase, but Biggoron refuses to give it to Ingo.[4] By giving the Lava Soup to Biggoron, Link is rewarded with the vase, which he can give to Ingo. Ingo is very happy to have the vase, and rewards Link with his dinner; a Fish.[5]



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