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Dr. Troy's Pupil





Dr. Troy (Teacher)

Dr. Troy's Pupil is a character in Oracle of Seasons who appears exclusively in a Linked Game. He is the pupil of Dr. Troy, found in Oracle of Ages.

Troy Secret

Main article: Troy Secret

In a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons, after Link completes the Poison Moth's Lair, Dr. Troy's Pupil will appear next to Guru-Guru in the Eastern Suburbs. He introduces himself as the pupil to Dr. Troy, the senior biologist in Labrynna.[1] He says that he is very busy and asks Link to tell a secret to Dr. Troy, who can be found up on Rolling Ridge in Labrynna.[2]

Dr. Troy can be found within the Target Carts game on Rolling Ridge. After hearing that his pupil is studying hard in Holodrum, Dr. Troy offers Link a reward, but not for free. He first tasks Link with scoring high enough on the Target Carts game.[3] If Link gets a perfect score, Dr. Troy will reward him with some Bombchus.[4][5][6]

Dr. Troy will then teach Link a secret on how he can get Bombchus in Holodrum.[7] Link can take this secret to Farore in the Maku Tree to earn the Bombchus.



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