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Swiftblade the First




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Waveblade (Brother)
Grayblade (Brother)
Grimblade (Brother)
Scarblade (Brother)
Splitblade (Brother)
Greatblade (Brother)

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Swiftblade the First is a male character featured within The Minish Cap, and he is also the oldest of the Blade Brothers. He is the first of the Blade Brothers to win the contest at the Picori Festival.

Swiftblade the First resides under his grave in the south west side of Castor Wilds. His dojo can be reached once Link has obtained the Pegasus Boots. Swiftblade the First can teach Link how to use the Great Spin Attack.[1] He will only train Link if he has obtained the first seven Tiger Scrolls.


  1. "This is a technique that only I have mastered... Only one who holds the sacred blade can perform...the Great Spin Attack! First!! Do a Spin Attack... Second!! Press the button repeatedly! Repeatedly! Repeatedly, do you hear me? That's all, young swordsman!! Do you understand? Yes F?No" — Swiftblade the First, The Minish Cap.