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Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
A Link to the Past
Magic Shop


Syrup (Grandmother)

Maple is a Witch that appears in Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, and Game Boy Advance remake of A Link to the Past. She also makes an appearance in the Oracle of Seasons Manga.


A Link to the Past

In the Game Boy Advance remake of A Link to the Past, Maple is the witch Syrup's apprentice at the Magic Shop. She replaced Hooded Shopkeeper from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game. She gives Link a free sample of Red Potion.

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Maple, the young apprentice witch to her grandmother, Syrup, spends most of her time flying about Labrynna on her broom. Link encounters Maple many times throughout his journey, most often after defeating a certain number of enemies.

Maple is known to carry an assortment of rare items, such as Magical Rings, Gasha Seeds, Potions, and a Piece of Heart. However, she most often carries more common items, such as Rupees, Recovery Hearts, Bombs, and different kinds of Mystical Seeds. If Link is to encounter Maple, he can attempt to obtain some of her items by running into her flight path and knocking them out of her bag. The resulting collision also scatters a few of Link's own items about, however. Each time this happens, Maple and Link race to collect all the items lying around. Over time, Maple appears with improved forms of transportation (a vacuum cleaner and later a flying saucer) that help her to gather dropped items quicker.

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Maple
Spain Español Maple
Germany Deutsch Martha
Italy Italiana Maple