Storytelling Bird

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Storytelling Bird

The Storytelling Bird is a character featured in A Link to the Past.


The Storytelling Bird is one of the five Storytelling Creatures found within the Dark World.

The Bird lives within a Cave at the south end of the Dark Palace Grounds. When Link meets the Storytelling Bird, he promises to tell Link a profitable story if Link pays him 20 Rupees.

If Link chooses not to hear the story, the Bird states that he isn't interested in talking to people without Rupees. If Link agrees to pay the Bird 20 Rupees, then the Bird tells Link there is a tiny circle of rocks in the lake at the source of river and that it might be fun to throw something into it. The Bird is referring to the circle of rocks found within the Lake of Ill Omen. Link can toss a small bush or rock into the circle, causing the Catfish to appear. The Catfish will then give Link the Quake Medallion, a magical weapon that is required to enter Turtle Rock late in the game.


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