Bug-Catching Kid

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Bug-Catching Kid






The Bug-Catching Kid is a character featured in A Link to the Past.

The Bug-Catching Kid is found sick in bed at his house in Kakariko Village. Rumor is that he got sick from the evil air that is coming down from Death Mountain. Since he is unable to get out of bed, he lends Link the Bug-Catching Net. The Bug Net allows Link to capture Fairies, Bees and other goodies inside Magic Bottles.

During the ending sequence, The Bug-Catching Kid is seen outside his house, presumably now healthy from his prior sickness. He is seen alongside one of the Alarmed Villagers and the Kakariko Storyteller. Link has returned the Bug-Catching Net to him.

Inside the Bug-Catching Kid's house, there is a painting of Mario along the northern wall.