Alarmed Villagers

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Alarmed Villagers
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The Alarmed Villagers consist of two women who live in Kakariko Village in A Link to the Past.

After Link has rescued Princess Zelda and brought her to the Sanctuary, Link becomes a wanted man. When he reaches Kakariko Village, the sign just outside of Sahasrahla's house reads; WANTED! This is the criminal who kidnapped Zelda. Call a soldier if you see him![1].

There are two women in Kakariko Village who are patrolling back and forth, right in front of their houses. One at the northwest part of town, just west of the Bottle Merchant, and the other is at the east end of town, directly east of the Weathercock. If Link walks up to either of these women, they will quickly get alarmed and yell out to soldiers that they have spotted the wanted man[2]. They will quickly run into their home and a Green Spear Soldier will pop up. The music will also change to a battle sequence.

Before chatting with the Alarmed Villagers, Link is able to enter their houses. The blue dressed women at the northwest part of town has a Cucco underneath one of the pots in her home. Strangely, Link can sprinkle some Magic Powder on the Cucco and it will transform into a full blown woman that greatly resembles the Alarmed Villager. This humanoid version of the Cucco explains that it is the Weathercock in the center of town that watches Link harass the Cuccos. Thus, the Weathercock is responsible for sending Cuccos to attack Link if Link harasses a Cucco.

The Alarmed Villager at the east end of town has a Mario painting inside her house against the northern wall. Link can grab on to the painting and pull away from it, causing four Blue Rupees to come out from the painting.



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