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Human Cucco
Human Cucco sprite






The Human Cucco is a special Cucco from A Link to the Past.

In Kakariko Village, Link is able to enter the house of a blue dressed Informant Women‎ that is located at the northwest part of village. Inside, Link can find a Cucco underneath one of the pots. Strangely, Link can sprinkle some Magic Powder on that Cucco and it will transform into a full-blown woman that greatly resembles the Informant Women.

This humanoid version of the Cucco explains that it is the Weathercock in the center of village that watches Link harass the Cuccos. Thus, the Weathercock is responsible for sending Cuccos to attack Link if he harasses a Cucco. She also tells Link that the human shape is uncomfortable for her.[1]



  1. "Cluck cluck... What?! You turned me into a human. I can even speak! Aha, it must be you who is always teasing my friends. The Weathercock is always watching you harass them. Well, this human shape is uncomfortable for me. Ahhh, I want to be a chicken again! Cluck cluck..." — Human Cucco, A Link to the Past.