Storytelling Tree

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Storytelling Tree

The Storytelling Tree is a character featured in A Link to the Past.


The Storytelling Tree is one of the five Storytelling Creatures found within the Dark World.

The Tree lives in a building within the Dark Palace Grounds. When Link meets the Storytelling Tree, the Tree asks Link if he came looking for the Power of Gold. He says that he is too late, as it will obey on the first person who touches it. The man that first touched it was Ganon and he wished for the Dark World, which reflects his heart.

The Tree also came searching for the Golden Power, but he transformed into the tree-like appearance that he now shows. The Tree mentions that in order to restore the Golden Land, a person worthy of the Golden Power must defeat the man who created the Dark World. Until that happens, the Tree, and many of the creatures of the Dark World, are stuck in their bizarre shapes.


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