15-Second Game Operators

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15-Second Game Operators
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15-Second Game Operators Sprites




South of Kakariko Village

15-Second Game Operators are two characters featured in A Link to the Past.

These characters are operators that run the 15-Second Game to the south of Kakariko Village, and west of the Quarreling Brothers' house. To play the game, Link must use a Bomb to blow up the wall in between the two rooms of the Quarreling Brothers in order to reach this mini-game. The mini-game is free of charge and Link can play it as many times as he'd like.

To start the game, Link must talk to the 15-Second Game Woman[1]. He then has 15 seconds to complete the obstacle course to win a Piece of Heart. There are multiple routes that Link can go about in order to reach the ending. After Link completes the race, he must talk to the 15-Second Game Man to get the reward.[2][3][4]

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