King Zora (A Link to the Past)

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King Zora

King Zora is a character that appears in A Link to the Past.

King Zora is first mentioned by the Kakariko Storyteller, located within the Motel of Kakariko Village. The Storyteller speaks of Zora's Waterfall, and mentions there is a treasure of the Zora that can turn people into fish. While he does not name King Zora by name, he is referring to him.

King Zora can be found at the northeast corner of Zora's Waterfall. He sells Link Flippers for 500 Rupees. Flippers are required in order to access certain areas of the overworld and they are first needed before Link enters the Swamp Palace within the Dark World. In addition to selling the Flippers to Link, King Zora grants Link access to the Whirlpool Waterways that are found throughout the overworld. These allow Link to quickly move across the overworld through secret underwater channels.

Unlike his fellow River Zora, King Zora is very friendly to Link. When Link goes to purchase Flippers, Link can state that he was just stopping by. King Zora then says that whenever Link wants to see his fishy face, he is welcomed here.