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This article is about the character from A Link to the Past. For the fish in other games, see Catfish (Disambiguation).

The Catfish is a character featured in A Link to the Past.

The Catfish can be found within a circle of rocks, located at the Lake of Ill Omen. This is the Dark World counterpart to the Waterfall of Wishing from the Light World. Near the Catfish's circle of rocks, there is a sign that reads, Curses to anyone who throws something in my circle of stones. Likewise, Link can pick up a skull or bush and toss it into the circle of rocks to summon the Catfish.

Though Link just disturbed the Catfish's nap, the creature will give Link the Quake Medallion if he leaves him alone. This Medallion is required of Link to enter Turtle Rock later in the quest.