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Storytelling Hand



The Storytelling Hand is a character featured in A Link to the Past.

The Storytelling Hand is one of the five Storytelling Creatures found within the Dark World.


The Hand lives within a Cave at the east end of the Ice Lake. This is adjacent to the cave from the Light World where Link acquired the Ice Rod. When Link meets the Storytelling Hand, he promises to tell Link a profitable story if Link pays him 20 Rupees.

If Link chooses not to hear the story, the Hand states that he isn't interested in talking to people without Rupees. If Link agrees to pay the Hand 20 Rupees, then the hand admits that he once was a Thief in the Light World. Many of his fellow thieves went into hiding because they were afraid of being caught.

One of these thieves was a master locksmith and disguised himself as an Average Middle-Aged Man. The Hand is referring to the man who lives at the entrance of the Desert of Mystery in the Light World. Link can use this information when he finds the Locked Chest within the Village of Outcasts. Link can take this chest to the Average Middle-Aged Man in the Light World and he will open it up to find a Magic Bottle.

The Storytelling Hand is also one of the targets inside the Shooting Gallery.


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