15-Second Game

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15-Second Game



South of Kakariko Village





Complete the Maze in 15 Seconds


"If you can reach the goal within 15 seconds, we will give you something good. Ready, Set... ... GO!"

— 15-second Game Woman[1]

The 15-Second Game is a Mini-Game found in A Link to the Past.

This game is just south of Kakariko Village and west of the Quarreling Brothers' house. Link will need to use a Bomb to blow up the wall in between the two rooms of the Quarreling Brothers in order to reach this mini-game. The 15-Second Game is an outdoor maze where Link must navigate his way through fences, post signs, and bushes to reach the goal.


Link has 15 seconds to complete the obstacle course and win a Piece of Heart. There are multiple routes that Link can go about in order to reach the ending. The mini-game is free of charge and Link can play it as many times as he would like.

15 Second Game Operators

  • 15-Second-Game-Operators-3.png This woman starts the race.
  • 15-Second-Game-Operators-1.png The man is at the end.

"This try your time was XX minutes XX seconds. You qualified! Congratulations! I present you with a piece of heart!"

— 15-second Game Man.[1]

"This try your time was XX minutes XX seconds. You're not qualified. Too bad! Why don't you try again?"

— 15-second Game Man.[1]

"I don't have anything more to give you. I'm sorry!"

— 15-second Game Man.[1]

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  • The corresponding location to the 15-Second Game in the Dark World also has a mini-game in the form of the Treasure Field.
  • Link can enter the middle of the 15-Second Game from the Dark World via the Magic Mirror. However, the man at the end will state that he cannot start the timer until Link enters from the proper entrance.[2]
  • In the middle of the 15-Second Game's maze, there is a sign that reads, "If you have enough time to read this sign, you should go to the goal immediately!".[1]


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