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There are many shops and games in the series, here are the characters that run them:


A Link to the Past

  • Digging Game Operator
    • 1px‎ Find him SouthWest of the Village of Outcasts
    • This character runs the Village of Outcasts Digging Game. It is located in the Dark World in the area where the maze in Kakariko Village is. To play the game, Link must pay 80 rupees and depending on whether or not Link has the Shovel, the operator may or may not provide him with the shovel he is holding. Link is given 30 seconds to dig at any spot he wishes and can dig up a variety of things: rupees, stock items, and even a Piece of Heart.
  • Bomb Shop Merchant
    • Lttp bombkeeper.gif Find him at Dark World location of Link's House.
    • The bomb merchant is a green alien-looking guy who has a snout like an anteater that he uses to puff air out of. His place of business is located in a building in the Dark World where Link's house is at in the Light World.
    • Just as his name implies, he sells bombs and will come up with a more explosive bomb later called the Super Bomb. This bomb is a huge, red bomb and costs 100 rupees. Link must use this bomb to gain access to the Mysterious Pond inside of the Pyramid of Power and talk to the Cursed Fairy and she'll grant him the Silver Arrows and the Golden Sword, if he throws his sword into the water.
  • Item Shop (Dark World) Merchants
    • Lttp dark1.gif Lttp shopkeeper.gif Find them at the Village of Outcasts, South of the Lake of Ill Omen, and Death Mountain.
    • These guys are found in many shops throughout the Dark World. They all have the appearance of what appears to be a large brown mouse wearing purple or yellow clothing. They sell a variety of items that are essential to Link's quest. The shops that are manned by these shopkeepers are found in the Village of Outcasts (where Kakariko Village is in the Light World), south of the Lake of Ill Omen (the Magic Shop's location in the Light World), and directly west of the Pyramid of Power.
  • Item Shop (Green Hooded) Merchants
    • Hooded-Shopkeeper-Sprite.png These guys are found at Kakariko Village, Lake Hylia, and Death Mountain. One operates a small shop on the southwest corner of town. She offers potions, hearts, and bombs. There is one by Lake Hylia and in Death Mountain. Their prices can be higher.
  • Street Merchant
    • Bottle-Merchant-1.png The Street Merchant is a man in Kakariko Village who sells bottles. He is sitting on a carpet, with some bottles that he sells. Link can buy a bottle from him for 100 rupees. After buying your first bottle, you cannot buy another, as the Street Merchant says he is out of stock. Though he will give you various items for fish, and will buy a golden bee for 100 rupees.