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Oracle of Seasons and Ages
Hall of Secrets
Inside the Maku Tree
The Minish Cap
Hyrule Town
Happy Hearth Inn

Farore is a character who appears in three The Legend of Zelda games. She bears the same name as the Goddess of Courage.


Oracle of Seasons and Ages


Although she is the Oracle of Secrets, Farore has little backstory or importance to the plot at all. Located within the Maku Tree, she keeps a Book of Secrets that allows Link to save Passwords he hears from various people throughout Labrynna and Holodrum. Farore also has the power to turn certain secrets into objects for Link to use throughout his adventure.

If Link has already completed his journeys through Labrynna or Holodrum and is playing a Linked Game, there are certain times throughout his travels where someone tells him a secret password to be taken to Holodrum or Labrynna and told to other specific characters. Those people then give Link another secret to bring back to Labrynna or Holodrum and ultimately tell to Farore. Once the process is complete, Farore makes Link's secrets take form, resulting in the gaining of rare items that, for the most part, cannot be received otherwise. This process works both ways, whether Link completes his journey in Labrynna or Holodrum first. The second quest is always the place where various characters begin to tell Link secrets throughout the game.

Originally, there were going to be three Oracle titles in the series, and all were going to interact much like Seasons and Ages do now. However, because of time restraints, and the difficulty of having three games all interacting with each other, the third title was cancelled. This game was to be titled The Mystical Seed of Courage originally, and was to feature Farore as the primary Oracle figure, likely in a similar situation as Nayru and Din in their respective Oracle games.

The Minish Cap


Farore also makes an appearance in The Minish Cap, located in the Happy Hearth Inn. In this game, she, along with Nayru and Din, is looking for a house to move into. While the three girls like being in town, Farore doesn't like the idea of living at the Inn forever.[1]

After Link has completed the Fortress of Winds, he is able to fuse Red Kinstones with Farore. This causes Gorman to appear within Hyrule Town. He has an idea that he can rent out his house to earn some extra cash.[2]

After Link finds Farore a home, she offers him Farore's Charm. To receive this, Link must have one Empty Bottle to carry it in and he can only have one at a time. Additionally, her Charm is always free and boosts attack and defense.


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