Zill (The Minish Cap)

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This article is about the character in The Minish Cap. For the character in The Wind Waker, see Zill (The Wind Waker).





Zill is a young boy that resides in Hyrule Town The Minish Cap.


Zill is a small boy in Hyrule Town who wishes he could go to Funday School, but he is too young. He constantly hangs out with two other kids, Lolly and Candy. He can also fuse Kinstones with Link.

At the start of the game, Zill can be found during the Picori Festival and hopes that since he has been good all year, the Picori will come and play with him.[1]


  1. "So, so, so... I've been good all year? Like, all year long? And you know how the Picori only show themselves if you've been good? And so, so, so I'm just waiting for the Picori to come and play with me." — Zill, The Minish Cap.