Jim (The Minish Cap)

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Verona (Mother)
Julietta (Sister)

Jim is a character that appears within The Minish Cap. He is a young boy that attends Funday School. Link is first able to meet Jim after completing the Temple of Droplets, in which Link can then enter Funday School. Jim has one sibling, an older sister named Julietta, and their mother is Verona.

Jim can be seen walking along the track while at recess during school. Unlike the other kids, he doesn't seem to have much to say, but he is excited during recess.[1]

Link is able to fuse Green Kinstones at various points in the game with Jim. As it is a Green Kinstone fusion, it is not set to a specific treasure chest, but instead, one of the many possible treasure chests. There is one random Red Kinstone within the game that opens up a location in the Hyrule Castle Garden leading to a Piece of Heart, as well as a random Blue Kinstone that opens up a tree in North Hyrule Field leading to a Fairy Fountain. Jim is one of the many characters in which Link can make these Kinstone fusions with.


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