Picori Festival

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Picori Festival
Zelda and Father TMV.jpg
Zelda and the King of Hyrule as they appear during the Picori Festival


The Picori Festival is a celebration that occurs at the start of The Minish Cap. The festival occurs annually to honor the tiny Picori who were rumored to aid the Hero of Men bring balance to the world previously. Link attends this annual celebration with Princess Zelda, during which you can discover many different characters selling goods. Some of these characters include Brocco who runs the vegetable stand. Beedle with his fruit stand, Pina's minigame stand (which Zelda just happens to win) and finally Marshall who explains the legend of the Picori.

During the festival, a sword fighting contest is held. Winning this contest allows the victor to receive a new blade as well as touch the legendary Picori Blade. The winner of the contest this year is Vaati. During the winning ceremony, Vaati attacks the Hylian guards and breaks the Picori Blade. He continues to turn Zelda into stone and opens the prize chest, which unleashes a torrent of monsters into the world. The events of this sword fighting ceremony lay out the plot for the rest of the game.