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Holly is a girl found within the Woods of Winter in Oracle of Seasons. Holly lives in her own Home located at the north-east corner of the Woods.

When Link first arrives at Holly's House, the season is Summer and the front door is closed. A nearby sign just outside the house states that Santa is welcome.[1] This gives a clue that the only way to enter the house is through the chimney. After changing the season to Winter, Link can drop down the chimney. Once Link falls inside, he startles Holly. Holly comments about the sudden change of season and how Link then comes down from the chimney. She makes reference that Link is not Santa and then gives Link the Shovel, asking him to shovel the snow in front of the house.[2]

If Link speaks to Holly again, she more calmly asks him to shovel the snow.[3] After Link does so, he can keep the Shovel for the remainder of the game. If Link re-enters Holly's House, he can speak to her and she thanks him for clearing the snow. She also gives Link the advice that he can use the Shovel to dig up treasure. [4]



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