Subrosian Smelter

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Subrosian Smelter






Subrosian Smelter is a character from Oracle of Seasons.

Oracle of Seasons

The Subrosian Smelter is first found outside of the Temple of Seasons, where he is examining the collection of large rocks on the ground. He wants to break the ore-filled rocks, but he needs a Bomb Flower in order to do so. He heard that some guy to the south had saw one of them.[1] After Link has found the Bomb Flower in the Lava Lake portion of Subrosia, he can bring it over to the Subrosian Smelter outside the Temple of Seasons. He will then drop the bomb flower, exploding the boulders, allowing Link to access the cave.[2] The Subrosian Smelter and his assistant will get the ore and run off, encouraging Link to visit them at the Great Furnace if he ever needs an ore melted.[3]


  1. "I want to break this ore-filled rock, but it's too hard. A Bomb Flower could break it, but they aren't in bloom. Some guy down south says he saw one, though." — Subrosian, Oracle of Seasons.
  2. "Oh! That's a Bomb Flower! Thanks! OK, let's break it!" — Subrosian, Oracle of Seasons.
  3. "That was great! Now we have plenty, thanks to you. If you ever need any ore melted, come to the furnaces." — Subrosian, Oracle of Seasons.