Oracle of Ages Dungeons

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This is a list of dungeons found in Oracle of Ages.

Maku Road (Past)

Maku Cave Entrance Past.png
Main article: Maku Road#Past

Spirit's Grave

Main article: Spirit's Grave

Wing Dungeon

OoA Wing Dungeon Entrance.png
Main article: Wing Dungeon

Moonlit Grotto

OoA Moonlit Grotto Entrance Present.png
Main article: Moonlit Grotto

Skull Dungeon

Main article: Skull Dungeon

Great Moblin's Keep

Great Moblin's Keep.png
Main article: Great Moblin's Keep

Crown Dungeon

OoA Crown Dungeon Entrance.png
Main article: Crown Dungeon

Mermaid's Cave

OoA Mermaids Cave Entrance Present.png
Main article: Mermaid's Cave

Jabu-Jabu's Belly

OoA Jabu Jabu.png
Main article: Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Ancient Tomb

Ancient Tomb.png
Main article: Ancient Tomb

Black Tower

Black Tower Entrance.png
Main article: Black Tower

Hero's Cave (Linked Game only)

Main article: Hero's Cave