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This article is about the location in Oracle of Ages. For the location in Ocarina of Time, see Happy Mask Shop.
Mask Shop
Mask Shop Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Foire aux Masques (Frequently Asked Masks)
Spain Español Tienda de Máscaras (Mask Shop)
Germany Deutsch Maskenladen (Mask Shop)
Italy Italiana Negozio Maschere (Mask Shop)

The Mask Shop[1] is a location found within Oracle of Ages in the Present. It is a small building located near the southwest portion of the Nuun Highlands, just west of Lynna City. Although referred to as a "shop", Link can not actually buy anything here. The Mask Shop is a small building, with just a simple desk in the middle of the room. Behind the desk, there is a dresser and several masks, all of which look the same and have been hung on the wall. The shop is owned and operated by the Happy Mask Salesman. In the Past, the location where the Mask Shop in the Present is where the entrance to the Restoration Wall is.

This location plays a part in the trading sequence. If Link enters the shop at any time and talks to the Happy Mask Salesman, he tells Link that he's so hungry that his stomach hurts.[2] Once Link has acquired the Tasty Meat from the Tokay Chef, he can enter the Mask Shop and give the Tasty Meat to the Happy Mask Salesman.[3] The Happy Mask Salesman takes it immediately, and starts to eat.[4] After realizing Link is staring at him, the salesman asks Link why he is staring at him, which is because Link wants something in return.[4] After calling Link greedy and mean,[5] the salesman finally gives in, and offers Link the Doggie Mask.[6] Link can then use the Doggie Mask to acquire the Dumbbell.

For the rest of the game, the Mask Shop is pointless, because if Link re-enters it and speaks to the salesman, all he says is that he's full.[7]



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