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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 おめん屋
France Française Foire aux Masques
Spain Español Tienda La Máscara Feliz
Germany Deutsch Maskenhändler
Italy Italiana Negozio delle Maschere della Felicità

The Happy Mask Shop is a location from Ocarina of Time. The shop is located in the Market and is run by the Happy Mask Salesman. It is initially closed and opens only after Link talks to the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper in the Death Mountain Trail gate in Kakariko Village.[1]

Business Conditions

Link can borrow different masks to sell them to people all across Hyrule. After selling a mask, Link must pay the price of the mask to the salesman, who then offers a new mask to Link. All masks, that have been sold once, can be borrowed for free, but there may only be one mask borrowed at the same time.

Forest Stage

Main article: Forest Stage

Link can receive rewards from Deku Scrubs after Link shows them different masks.

Ocarina of Time 3D

The Happy Mask Salesman's backpack from Majora's Mask can be seen behind the counter of the Happy Mask Shop. Link can also see the masks from the backpack on the counters at the two sides of the Happy Mask Shop.


There are 8 masks available:

Mask Name Price bought (Rupees) Price sold (Rupees) Sold to...
Keaton Mask - OOT64 render.png Keaton Mask 10 15 Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper in Kakariko Village
Skull Mask.png Skull Mask 20 10 Skull Kid in the Lost Woods
Spooky.png Spooky Mask 30 30 Graveyard Boy
Bunny-Hood-Ocarina.png Bunny Hood 50 500 Running Man running around Hyrule Field
Goron-Mask-Ocarina.png Goron Mask - - -
OoT Zora Mask.png Zora Mask - - -
Gerudo-Mask-Ocarina.png Gerudo Mask - - -
Mask-of-truth.jpg Mask of Truth - - -



  1. "This shop opens only after you talk with the guard at the Death Mountain Trail gate in Kakariko Village.", Ocarina of Time Prima Strategy Guide