Tree Stump

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Tree Stump




Allows Link to use the Rod of Seasons to change the season.

Tree Stump in the Holodrum Plain.

Tree Stumps are objects that appear in Oracle of Seasons. These wooden stumps can be used by Link to change the season, using the Rod of Seasons. Almost every region of Holodrum has its own Tree Stump. Some regions, such as the Woods of Winter, have as many as five Tree Stumps.

All regions in Oracle of Seasons either have a native season, or a revolving season each time you enter the area. Often, certain areas of a region can only be reached dependent on the particular season. After Link has completed the Gnarled Root Dungeon, he will travel to Subrosia and acquire the Rod of Seasons from the Temple of Seasons. Immediately, Link will gain the power of Winter. Using the Tree Stumps, Link can change any region to winter. As Link progresses in his quest, he will acquire the powers of Spring, Summer, and Autumn.