Sunken City

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Sunken City
Sunken City during Summer.


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Sunken City is a location featured in Oracle of Seasons. Located at the east end of Holodrum, just north of the Woods of Winter. Link will need to travel through the Sunken City on his way to Mt. Cucco, where he will find the fourth dungeon of the game, the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. If Link has not acquired Dimitri's Flute, it is in the Sunken City where he will first meet Dimitri. Using his help, Link will acquire the Zora's Flippers within the city, allowing him to reach the mountain to the north.


The Sunken City is found along the eastern edge of Holodrum. Link first enters the Sunken City by traveling through the Moblin's Keep, located to the west. The Sunken City is bordered to the south by the Woods of Winter and there is an underwater cavern that connects the two regions. Early in the quest, the Sunken City serves as the only pathway to the main portion of Mt. Cucco, located to the north.


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

When Onox kidnapped Din (Oracle), the Oracle of Seasons, he throws the seasons of Holodrum into chaos. Because of this, the snow on Goron Mountain all melted, and then the melted snow flooded Sunken City.


When Link first enters Sunken City, he finds Dimitri being harassed by three children, who call themselves the Safety Patrol. Once Link saves Dimitri, he is able to ride on him so that he can get over the deep water and swim up waterfalls. With Dimitri, Link can swim up the waterfalls to obtain the Master's Plaque, and to swim up another waterfall to return the Master Plaque to back to the Master Diver, and be rewarded with the Flippers. The Gale Seeds can be found on the east side of Sunken City.

Trading Sequence

Link can obtain the Wooden Bird from Syrup, but only after he has given her the Mushroom he received from Talon on Mt. Cucco. The Fish is obtained from Ingo, but only after Link gives him a Goron Vase that he received from the Biggoron.