Syrup's Potion Shop

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Syrup's Potion Shop
Syrup's Potion Shop Interior in Oracle of Seasons



Oracle of Seasons
Sunken City
Oracle of Ages
Yoll Graveyard




In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Boutique de Potion de Syrup (Syrup’s Potion Shop)
Spain Español Tienda de Pociones de la Bruja Sirope (Witch Syrup’s Potion Shop)
Germany Deutsch Syrups Hexen-küche (Witch Syrup’s Kitchen)
Italy Italiana Bottega Pozioni di Syrup (Syrup’s Potion Shop)

Syrup's Potion Shop[2] is a shop found in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. It is owned and operated by Syrup.[1]


Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Syrup's Potion Shop can be found in the middle of Sunken City. It is only accessible during the winter, when the snow starts to pile up, making an effective bridge for Link to cross. However, Syrup does not have anything to sell at the moment, saying that without a Mushroom she cannot make her Magic Potion.[3] Luckily, Link receives a Mushroom during the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence, from Talon.[4] With the Mushroom in hand, Link can go to the Sunken City and enter the Potion Shop where he can give the Mushroom to Syrup, who will soon open up shop.[5] In return, Syrup offers Link her Wooden Bird.[6]

Once Syrup opens shop, she sells two items: Magic Potion, for 300 Rupees a bottle,[7] and a Gasha Seed, for 300 Rupees a seed.[8] Furthermore, in a Linked Game, Syrup also sells Bombchus, but only after Link has acquired them via the Troy Secret. She sells them at 5 for 100 Rupees.[9]

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
File:Magic Potion OOX.png
Magic Potion 300[7]
File:Gasha Seed.png
Gasha Seed 300[8]
File:Bombchu OOX.png
Bombchu (Only in Linked Game) 5 for 100[9]

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Syrup's Potion Shop can be found at the northeast corner of Yoll Graveyard, in the present only. She sells Gasha Seeds, Magic Potions, and one Piece of Heart.



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