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This article is about the Goddess of Courage. For the Oracle of Secrets, see Farore (Oracle).
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Farore as depicted in Ocarina of Time





Farore, commonly referred to as the Goddess of Courage in historical, verbal tales and literature, is one of the three Golden Goddesses in the legend of the creation of Hyrule. Her essence is embodied within the Triforce of Courage, commonly depicted as the third Triforce piece. In nearly every The Legend of Zelda title, Link is seen as the one who possesses said piece of the Triforce. She is the sister to Din and Nayru, the other two Golden Goddesses.

Ocarina of Time

"Farore... With her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law."

Within the Great Deku Tree's tale of Hyrule's creation told to Link, Farore is shown as the Goddess of Courage who created, along with her sisters Din (Goddess of Power) and Nayru (Goddess of Wisdom), the land of Hyrule out of the chaos which was the world. Farore also created life to inhabit that world.

There also is a spell called Farore's Wind, named after Farore, which allows Link to set a warp point in a dungeon and then warp back to it at a later time.

The Wind Waker

Farore does not directly appear in The Wind Waker; however, Farore's Pearl, the second pearl Link obtains, is named after her. Tingle also states that Farore is the Goddess of Wind, and that she has blessed Outset Island.[1] This suggests that the Wind Temple may be dedicated to her.

Twilight Princess

Farore is one of the Golden Goddesses seen in the monument contained within the throne room of Hyrule Castle in Twilight Princess. The Light Spirit, Lanayru, tells Link a compressed story of the history of the three goddesses of whom created Hyrule. Lanayru then tells of how the knowledge of the Sacred Realm became more widespread, causing a war and bringing about the Dark Interlopers, those of whom excel at magic. After the sorcerers attempted to gain power over the Sacred Realm, the goddess Farore came in to command the Light Spirits, in which she granted them the power to intervene and seal away the magic the interlopers controlled. Furthermore, it is likely that the Faron Province is named in her honor.