Mystical Tree

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Mystical Tree

Mystical Trees, also referred to as Mystical Seed Trees, are found throughout the Overworld in both Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Each Mystical Tree is named for the Mystical Seed that it bears. There are five types of Mystical Trees, each representing the five seeds in the games: Ember Trees, Gale Trees, Mystery Trees, Pegasus Trees, and Scent Trees.


These trees start off as small seedling trees and take several centuries before they mature into full-blown Mystical Trees. When they are fully grown, the trees' plant leaves resemble that of the seeds in which they bear.

In Oracle of Seasons, each Mystical Tree will only produce seeds during a specific season. Ember Seeds are produced in Winter, Scent Seeds are produced in Spring, Mystery and Gale Seeds are produced in Summer, and Pegasus Seeds in Autumn.