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In Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages Link will meet up with Bipin and Blossom, located in both Horon Village and Lynna City. They are raising their Son and throughout his quest, Link can provide money, advice, and answer other questions to help raise their son. All of Link's answers will have an effect on how Bipin and Blossom's son will turn out. He can become a Traveler, Hero, Arborist, or Musician.

Sequence of Events

Link has access to both Horon Village and Lynna City right at the start of each game, at which point he can meet Bipin and Blossom. The following sequence of events are the trigger points when new objectives are reached. In the first objective, Bipin and Blossom's son is just an infant. If Link never interacts with the parents, the child will remain an infant for the full duration of the game, as well as the Linked Game. He will only age if Link interacts with him at the particular segments of the game.

Name the Child

  • When Link first meets Bipin and Blossom, he can name their son, which is limited to just five letters.

Doctor Visit

  • After the completion of the second dungeon, either Snake's Remains in Oracle of Seasons or Wing Dungeon in Oracle of Ages, the child will become sick. Speak with Blossom and help the family out by donating some money to help pay for a Doctor Visit. Link can choose to give 1, 10, 50, or 150 rupees.


  • By the time that Link can reach the fifth dungeon, either Unicorn's Cave in Oracle of Seasons or Crown Dungeon in Oracle of ages, the child will have trouble sleeping. Speak with Blossom and Link has the option of either Singing to the child or Playing with the child.

Additional Questions

  • Later, after either singing or playing with the child, the child will develop a personality. He can be Curious, Hyperactive, or Shy. At this point there are two additional questions that Link can answer, one from Blossom and one from the Child. The Child's question will be depending on whether he is Curious, Hyperactive, or Shy. Additionally, Blossom will ask Link how he was as a child, whether he was Energetic, Quiet, or Weird. Both of the questions will effect the outcome of how Bipin and Blossom's Child turns out.


  • In a Linked Game, after completing the third dungeon, either Poison Moth's Lair in Oracle of Seasons or Moonlit Grotto in Oracle of Ages, Bipin and Blossom's son will have become an adult. At this point, Link can speak with him and earn a reward.