Horon Village Shop

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Horon Village Shop

Horon Village Shop is a shop found within Horon Village of Oracle of Seasons. Link can purchase a variety of items in this shop including Bombs and Recovery Hearts. This is also where Link obtains the first shield in the game, the L-1 Wooden Shield. Once Link has obtained an upgraded shield during his quest, the shop will begin stocking that version of shield instead of the wooden variety. The Iron Shield will cost 50 rupees to replace, while the Mirror Shield will cost 80 rupees.

Stockwell also has a secret shop down the staircases, which requires the Member's Card to enter. The Member's Card can be acquired in the Subrosia Market for 5 Ore Chunks. When Link shows it to Stockwell, he will allow Link to enter his secret shop with expensive and valuable items to purchase. When Link has purchased all of the items down there, he will start a Treasure Chest Game, which Link can participate in for a mere 10 Rupees.