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This article is about the objects found throughout the Zelda series. For the item in Breath of the Wild, see Torch (Breath of the Wild)‎‎.

Torches are objects found in every game of The Legend of Zelda series since A Link to the Past, often found within caves or dungeons. They have played a variety of roles, from simple area illumination, to unlocking doors and causing chests to appear.



Torches are used in many puzzles throughout the series. Sometimes, they must be lit by means of a switch, or by clearing a room of enemies, or simply by igniting them using another flame (e.g. burning Deku Stick, Fire Arrow, Din's Fire, Lamp, etc.) Sometimes, many torches must be lit simultaneously for something to happen. Torches are often seen in towns, but these usually serve no purpose, except that they light the area. In some dark areas, Link can light a torch to light up the room. In Majora's Mask, there are golden-colored torches that cannot be lit by Fire Arrows, Deku Sticks, or any other use of direct fire. Instead, they are lit when a certain action has been completed by Link. This can lead to locked doors opening, chests appearing, etc.

Torches can also appear as obstacles that shoot fireballs at Link, not too dissimilar from Fire Eyes. They are usually invulnerable to any form of attack, but in games such as Phantom Hourglass, some of them can be deactivated by hitting a nearby switch, or defeating all the other enemies in the room. After this is done, they act the same as any other torch.